Face mask type 1
Face mask  type 1

Face mask type 1

Артикул: md_MFMASK-03



17,5X9,5 CM



Транспортная упаковка:

Вес: 8.85 KG
Объем: 0.069 M3
Размер: 0.51X0.4X0.34 M
Количество: 2000

Цена: по запросу

Нет в наличии

Box of 50pcs single use 3PLY surgical masks (EN14683, type 1) with elastic ear loops and adjustable nose piece for a comfortable fit. We guarantee that the masks comply at least with EN14683 type 1 and ensure this with ongoing testing in accredited labs. This item can only be delivered in multiples of inner packaging being 50 pcs. Ordered quantities should be according to multiple of 50 pcs.